Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Year Ago...

Isn't it funny that you remember the minute details of un-important events in your life?  Yet the important, life changing events pass in a blur.  (I'm praying I remember my wedding better than I remember a lot of life changing events) 

Take October 25, 2011.  Big Blur.  Big Event.  Follow Me. 

I had a terrible, I repeat TERRIBLE, cold.  I was lying in bed (laying? lying?) sniffling.  I couldn't even get up.  I decided to spend the day in bed asleep so that I could knock this cold in the head and get over it before the busy week ahead.  (God, by the way, has a sense of humor)

Okay, I'm in bed.  My dad leaves for a meeting somewhere far away (okay, not that far away.  He stayed in the state).  My siblings and my mom where having a tea party downstairs.  (Michael loves to cook, so we let him have his outlet with tea parties.)

Wait, you need to know something.  We had friends down the highway from our house.  We saw them once a week at Bible Study, but other than that we didn't know them that well.  (Again, God's sense of humor) They have 8 kids and Mrs. S. was pregnant.

My mom arrived in my bedroom.  "There's an email.  Mrs. S. collapsed.  I'm going to go see if I can help".  I love my mom.  She takes off.  I rouse myself out of bed to dress and brush my hair.  Downstairs I found the house in less than perfect condition.  Mom calls.  "I'm bringing the kids home.  They're really scared.  Little Miss needs an insulin shot.  Call Mrs. P." 

She's using that tone.  The tone that only your kids recognize in their mom.  Hopefully the S. kids didn't pick up on that tone in the 15 passenger she's driving back.  It means: sadness, scared, danger, warning.  Something was wrong, dreadfully wrong.  Dear Lord be with us now.

Phone calls alert the dads.  A mother collapsed.  She's dying, here and we can't do anything.  The baby?  How is the baby. 

8 dear people arrive on our steps.  We love them, but they are petrified.  Terrified.  Tears roll unheeded down cheeks, and big sisters comfort little brothers.  Their beautiful brown eyes were haunting me.  Asking me.  "What are they saying?  Where's my mommy?"  Begging me to make it better. 

The next 6 hours:  phone calls, emails, text messages.  Tears and crying.  Storming the gates of heaven on our knees and in our hearts.  "Lord, save the mother and the baby.  Is it to much to ask?"  Emergency surgery.  Father bent over sobbing.  Friends calling.  Hugging sisters and brothers in Christ. 

Hearts knit together as the big, "what if" hangs over our heads. 

Mommy came through great.  The Lord saves.  He is mighty to save.  Different side effects came and went  and sustained hearing loss remains.  A week at our house bonded us tighter than ever before.  I feel like I'm the oldest of 17 now.  :-)

The week was an inspiration as the Body of Christ came together.  Friends delivered 3 hot meals a day, for 7 straight days.  Friends brought paper products and craft supplies.  Friends drove them to the hospital.  Friends gave shots, prayed, comforted, and helped us. 

And today we wish Tiny Lady a very Happy 1st Birthday!!!  And we remember a day of the birth of a baby, the birth of a wonderful friendship, and the birth of story of God's protection. 

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