Monday, October 29, 2012

The Homelanders by Andrew Klavan

"Charlie West just woke up in someone else's nightmare."

Charlie West goes to sleep one night as a 17 year old karate loving highschooler.  He has three close friends, a distant friend who is struggling, and a sweet girl he wants to get to know.  He goes to sleep happy and looking forward to tomorrow. 

Until he wakes up in a white room covered in blood and bruises and tied to a chair.  Someone outside the door orders his death, and Charlie's nightmare begins.  He soon learns that a year has passed and he has acquired many enemies.  A group of terrorists is trying to kill him, and the police are after him for the murder of his friend.  Where are his parents?  His friends? Where is Beth Summers?  Are they really engaged?  And how will he escape alive?

This series is a great adventure read for young men and women of all ages.  I really enjoyed it as a light read and my sisters love it.  Andrew Klavan's sense of humor and his uncanny ability to write the thought pattern of a highschool boy is amazing.  

Meet an amazing cast of characters.  The cold and heartless Detective Rose with a hidden motive.  The calm and trusting Beth Summers who believes in Charlie no matter what.   His three cohorts Josh, Rick and Miler whose wits and dedication to their friend are amazing.  And the wise Sensei Mike who mentors "chucklehead" as Charlie works through this puzzle.

Charlie himself is a great guy.  Charlie is a Christian who love his Lord and his country.  Charlie is wonderfully dedicated and patriotic.  He can't believe that he really turned himself against American and joined the terrorists.  But why else would they be trying to kill him?  They must have been betrayed by... him. 

There is some violence in this series (mostly relating to the terrorist group), but nothing uncalled for.  Parents can proof read for their children's reading level when it comes to the violence.  One thing that struck me was the respect that Charlie has for life.  He does not hunt the "bad guys" with a gun and have a shoot out: killing hundreds.  Charlie is a black belt karate kid and he uses his brains and skills to outwit them.  

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