Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bowed in Prayer

She sent him off that morning, awake and ready for school.  All of them did.  She didn't get him back that night.  None of them did.

All it takes is one moment to change history.  History is made of moments.  Big moments, small moments.  That is what makes history.

We're praying for the families in Connecticut this week.  Crying for the families who suffer at someone else's hands.   But don't forget them.

The time they need prayer is next week when a birthday suddenly means nothing.  They need prayer next month when the family vacation is suddenly heartrendingly horrible.   They need prayer six months from now when the mom wakes up screaming for someone who is no more.   They need prayer the year their baby was going to graduate.  They need prayer when they pack up the clothes and toys.

They need prayers when the little sibling doesn't remember their big brother.

They need prayer that the Maker of hearts would heal and comfort them.  That the Holy Spirit would come upon them in a new way and draw them closer to God.  That the Peace that passes all understanding would guard their hearts.

Keep praying.

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