Monday, December 17, 2012

Full Time Sibling?

I'm going to start telling people I'm a part time college student and a full time big sister. :-)  My priorities are different than a typical 19 year old.

Since the week before Thanksgiving, my family has been sick. It started with a cold. That turned into something worse. I ended up with pneumonia. Most everyone is still coughing. Now we have the flu creeping through our house. Because of that, I did not take my CLEP on December 14th and I'm not studying. I'm cooking, cleaning, helping, dosing medicine, and turning on movies.

Oh, yes and playing violin. Our church's big Christmas performance is in 3 days and my sisters and I are the 2nd violin section (and a cello).

My schedule is full, but not with normal things!

Not what I had in mind for my December. My reading list is not getting done, my room's a sick ward now, and my mom and sisters are sick. But, when it comes down to it, I don't have anywhere else I'd rather be. These people are my world, and I am theirs.

So this Christmas season... evaluate your priorities. Are you a full time ________ or a full time sibling?

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Lillian Marsh said...

Hope ya'll are better soon!