Monday, February 24, 2014

They Danced Alone

A friend took this picture at a wedding we recently attended.  A couple celebrating 24 years of marriage helped a couple celebrate day one of their journey.

My mom and dad saw this picture and commented how old they are now.  That might be what they saw, but it wasn't what I saw.  In my mind, Mom looks even more beautiful now than she did when they got married.  And my dad looks even more handsome.

Because when I look at their early pictures, they weren't "mom and dad".  They were college kids who were "living on love".  They are still living on love, 24 years later, but they have faced life hand in hand, and they are more in love now than they were then,

Mom and dad, you see the wrinkles, but I see the eyes that have smiled at me for 20 years.  You see the grey hair, I see the love that has persevered with raising all eight of us.  You see what the world sees, but I see what God gave me.

If you were still 22, you wouldn't be my mom and dad.


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Bria Crawford said...

That is such a precious tribute to your sweet parents Jess.