Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28: A scar you have and it's story.

I have a scar on the outside of my right pinky finger.  And that story is funny... but painful at the time.

When I was 9 and Rachel was 7, we were playing in the basement of our old house.  We had gotten kind of silly... shocking I know... and were having a ton of fun.  Rachel picked up a pair of scissors and open and shut them at me!!!  I asked her to stop and she did and turned around.  I then snuck up behind her and tickled her.  Little did I know that she still had the scissors open and she ripped them through my finger.  I didn't get stiches, but I probably needed them.  That scar is probably my most obvious. 

And that is my story.



Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

What a story!!!
I have a piece of lead in my finger from a pencil point that has a simlar story... Shiloh and I were gooffing off (we suppose to be doing school!) and something happened....... and somehow her pencil ended up in my finger!!! :)


Chris said...


I've got one. It was about 5:15 in the afternoon one day in Decemeber 2007 and we were preparing to go to Sunday night Bible study. I had just acquired a new knife and was testing it out on an innocent sheet of paper. I was recklessly slashing at the paper with one hand and holding the paper with the other. Well I sneezed or coughed or hiccuped or something and the next thing I know I've cut 3/4 of the way through the tendon in my left thumb. My stupid mistake cost me 5 stitches and my good reputation with knives. I won't ever forget it!


Green Gardening Girl said...

Bethany, I'm glad you just went ahead and admitted you were goofing off! :)

Chris, Thanks for the comment. "I sneezed or coughed or hiccuped or something" Yeah right! You have NO idea what happened?

Thanks both of you for the comments!

Chris said...

"You have NO idea what happened?"

That's right... All I know is something made me suddenly jerk my hand... I was kinda more focused on the blood poring out of my thumb at the time so I really don't remember.